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Contemporary view of the Streetcar Lofts Building by Portland Teacher and Author  Bart King


Twenty Third Ave Car No. 213 on the Portland Railway Co. Line circa 1905.


“Take Interurban Cars here for Oaks Amusement Park - Bell Rose - Oregon City.”


Station at First & Alder for points east


Alberta Car 630 circa 1909


Alberta Car 334 circa 1906


Broadway Car 339 at the eastern terminal operated by the Portland Consolidated Railway Company in 1905. This is the earliest known view of a Broadway car


Broadway Car 573 at Alameda circa 1912


Sellwood Car 1031 at the Sellwood Car House on March 30, 1912


Mt. Scott Car No. 1076 at the Lents Station with the Power House to the left


Mt. Tabor Car 437 circa 1907


Hawthorne Car 725 at the end of the line


Richmond Car 710 at 42nd & Clinton St


St. Johns Northside Car 199 at St. Johns

Next four pictures Courtesy of Stephen Kenney Jr.


Nice early view of Portsmouth Cars 404 and 407


Woodlawn Car No. 572


East Ankeny Car Bar on Opening Day on October 12, 1910


Motormen’s Meeting in an Open Car on the East Ankeny Line


The East Ankeny Line connected the communities of Rose City Park, Rossmere and Hyde Park


View of Golf Juntion in the 1940’s


Early view of the Station at Lents Junction showing an outbound Gresham train made up of Cars 1065 and 1066. On the right, is Car 1037 on the Mt. Scott Line.


Early view of Linneman Station with Troutdale Shuttle Car 1058 on the left and a City-Bound Cazadero train on the right


Another view of Linneman Station after the arrival of a Troutdale Shuttle Car. Note the sign and building for Cedarville Park beyond the streetcar. Gresham had planned to move this building near to the Downtown Gresham Light Rail Station, but it was lost to an arson’s torch in 1988.


Car 4007 stopped at the Gresham Depot near Powell and Main on its way to town in 1942.


View of the Estacada Express Car after arrival at the Estacada Depot


Cazadero Car 1100 leads a train to Estacada


Early view of a Cazadero Car at the Cazadero Depot. Passenger service to Cazadero and Estacada ended in 1932.


Bull Run Car No. 1125 makes a stop at the Pleasant Home Depot on the Mt. Hood Division. Steam-powered service to Bull Run began on July 4, 1911. The lines were electrified in 1913 and regular passenger service continued to run there until December 27, 1930. The electric lines were finally removed in the late 1950’s.


Car 1058 at the Troutdale Station. Passenger service to Troutdale began in 1907. The Montavilla-Troutdale service ended June 15, 1927.


Mt. Tabor Bus on Test Run before replacement of the Streetcar in 1948

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